An intensive Mandarin language program, offered five days a week from Monday to Friday, provides learners with an opportunity to delve into one of the most widely spoken languages globally. With over 1.1 billion speakers, Mandarin offers significant advantages for both adults seeking job and business opportunities, and children who want to enhance their prospects for a better future. The program runs for four hours each day, and its benefits cut across all age groups.


The course “Mandarin for Communication” welcomes you to the Beginner Level, where you will take the first step towards mastering the beautiful and complex Mandarin language. With dedicated learning, you will gain the skills to navigate through everyday situations with ease. By the end of this course, you will be able to make reservations, order food at a Mandarin restaurant, ask for directions, and even converse about personal topics with newfound Mandarin proficiency.


The Pre-Intermediate Level Mandarin course aims to elevate your daily communication skills to a greater level. Upon completion, you will be able to recount past events with flair, plan for the future with confidence, read and write simple notes, and exchange Mandarin quotes with locals. With these skills, you can effortlessly navigate through everyday situations such as driving around bustling streets, making hotel and restaurant reservations, and shopping like a local.


The Intermediate Level Mandarin course equips you with language skills to navigate through various situations in your daily life, studies, and work with ease and confidence. You will be able to articulate your thoughts and ideas in Mandarin, engage in lively discussions, and present persuasive arguments with your newfound fluency. You can now pursue opportunities like applying to esteemed universities or citizenship in Mandarin-speaking regions.


The Advanced Level Mandarin course takes you on a journey of Mandarin mastery, where you’ll tackle complex articles, engage in heated discussions on a plethora of topics, and enjoy movies and novels without subtitles. With certification at this level, you’ll be equipped to take on executive roles, manage daily work tasks with ease, and contribute to business meetings with professionalism. Your fluency in Mandarin will open doors to opportunities you never thought possible.