About Us


To provide a supportive and fulfilling education to the students, giving them a clear path to achieve their personal objectives – be it
for personal, academic or professional purposes.

At Minda Jaya Language Centre, we will fulfill this through:

  • our commitment to providing the highest quality language programmes,
  • being focused on the future, and the needs of our students, academia and international partners,
  • constantly revaluating our goals and seeking ways to advance our teaching methods,
  • working as a team to create a memorable learning experience for students; and
  • providing prompt, patient and caring service to students’ needs in the service-related areas.


To become one of the leading institutes in Malaysia by setting standards of excellence in innovative curriculum design, teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding.

We are committed to applying these principles to all our programmes.We will continue to strive to give our students every opportunity to progress and achieve the highest educational potential within their chosen career path

is that we believe

  • Students comes first
  • Educated citizenry is fundamental
  • Learning enhances the quality of life
  • Innovation, integrity, high standards
    and the pursuit of excellence are
  • Diversity enriches