Courses Offered

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at MJ Language Centre uses a communicative approach and is divided into
levels 1-5, for students starting as beginners to those almost fluent. The program integrates the four skills: speaking, reading,
listening and writing.

Lessons are taught by experienced lecturers who are trained to help students progress. All students are encouraged to practice
their newly acquired skills both inside and outside of class.

It is COMPULSORY for students to sit for the English Proficiency Test (EPT) to determine their level of English language proficiency.
Each course levels are offered based on current student needs.

The Common European Framework of Reference
Beginners Level

This is equivalent to the Key English test (KET) in the Cambridge examinations. Students will be able to use effective but limited
English to communicate with others. They will also be able to understand some frequently used key words when spoken slowly or
with repetition, and can write simple and basic words related to personal information and other familiar contexts.

Elementary Level

Equivalent to the Preliminary English Test (PET) in the Cambridge examinations, and shows that student have achieved a good
foundation in learning English and can use English express basic needs with some control of basic grammar, intonation and pace.
They can also read material in familiar contexts and produce simple written texts like notes or messages.

Pre- Intermediate Level

This level is equivalent to the First Certificate in English (FCE) in the Cambridge examinations. Students having completed this level
have the ability to express and engage in social conversations in an organised way with a more complex grammar structures,
comprehend and analyse clearly texts and also convey or revise ideas in simple paragraphs with control of basic grammar,
structures, spelling and punctuation.

Intermediate Level

Equivalent to the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) in the Cambridge examinations. At this level, students should be able to
prove they can use every day written and spoken English with effective command of grammar and vocabulary. Successful students
would show their ability to deal confidently with different types of text, such as fiction, newspapers and magazines, and produce and
edit well-developed descriptive and narrative texts.

Advanced Level

This is equivalent to the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) in the Cambridge Examinations and is our most advanced exam,
students, at the end of this level, can organise thoughts can converse clearly on variety of subjects using good operational
command of the language. Students will have a better understanding on tones and style and by recombining learned vocabulary
and structures can self and peer edit for spelling and punctuation errors. They can produce well-developed descriptive and narrative
essays with mastery of punctuation and grammar.


Minda Jaya Language Centre is registered with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and is also accredited as the University of
Cambridge ESOL preparation centre. The Cambridge English certificates are accepted by thousands of institutions globally as
high-quality proof of language ability, enabling you to meet the English language requirements for your university entrance or as
formal English language qualification in a job application.


At the end of the course, students will be given a certificate of attendance and a progress report.